Balmain: Beauty Bargains for Lips & Nails

So, I finally got my hands on some Balmain this week… and for little more than the price of a cocktail! Who knew the fashion house did lipsticks now?

Launched in collaboration with L’Oréal, the Balmain lipsticks cost about half what you’d usually pay for designer lipsticks, at around £12.99. As the shop assistant showed me, you can even wear two together – a pretty clever concept, even if her demonstration didn’t have quite the desired effect. I only left with one, but make-up artists have always explained we should be blending our products to get the best results.

I ultimately went for one of the more neutral shades, called Confession – it feels really creamy went you put it on and looks more matte than the other lippies in my make-up bag. It also lasts amazingly well and has a really nostalgic smell, which must be the camellia oil. You’ll have to let me know if you work out what it reminds you of!

Still think I may go back for the dark red Domination, or Confidence with the golden shimmer, to wear on top of my new nudey lipstick – especially while they’re on offer! Not so sure about the navy Rebellion or olive green Balmain Instinct, but there’s supposed to be something for everyone (and if cool tones make teeth look whiter, then it might just be worth it. Blue lipsticks do that, don’t they?!).

The Balmain collection comes in three equally slick looking cases, all designed by none other than Olivier Rousteing. Some of them, like mine, are black and gold, but the rest are blue or green and gold with a marbled effect. It all depends on whether they belong to the Glamazon, Rock or Couture tribe within the collection. While it may not feel as substantial as my usual Dior lipstick, there’s no denying that the Balmain lipstick’s branded lid does look (if not quite feel) about as glam as it gets.

Hopefully, there’ll be even more to come as the current 12 shades are being touted as the “1st limited edition collection”. In the mean time, Balmain has in fact been licensing haircare and extensions for over 40 years and buried in its website is some Balmain nail varnish, which must be way more exclusive than the Louboutin variety – much as I love ’em!


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